Do I haveto have my junk itemspacked and ready for removal?

No; but we encourage having small items packed as much as possible and somewhat organized prior to our arrival. That way, we can get the job done as efficiently as possible. However, we can do all the above while on site as well; it just may take us longer than a normal job, which may mean labor charges. Please see above for our labor policy. A customer-service representative would be happy to go over this policy with you when you make your appointment as well.

Do you removeItems from thebasement/attic?

Yes - we'll take items from wherever they are located.


Yes feel free to request information regarding our insurance provider.

What itemsare restricted during thejunk removal?

We cannot take anything liquid or hazardous, as determined by the state. These items require special handling and / or disposal. Briefly, we cannot take paints, chemicals, oils, asbestos, bug-infested items, carrion, or any other hazardous substance.

Do you recycle,reuse and reducelandfill dumping?

Yes we are a "green friendly" operation. We recycle and donate reusable items whenever possible. This not only diverts junk away from the landfill but it also saves us money in landfill fees.

How do I knowwhat size loadto expect?

Without seeing the items you wish us to remove for you, it is hard to provide a guaranteed estimate based on the load size. To get our most accurate estimate, you can choose to upload pictures of your junk item here, and we will provide you our best estimate over the phone or via email.

Can I cancel myjunk removal after receivingyour team has arrived, ifI am not satisfied withthe on-site estimate?

Yes, you can cancel for whatever reason before we start actually working.

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