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How We Keep You & Our Junk Removal Crew Safe

We're currently offering two types of appointments. Here are our up to date procedures on each:

Non-Contact Removal

Our Junk Removal Crew will load up your items from a driveway, garage, porch, or yard. A payment method will be collected ahead of time over the phone with your sales representative. Your card will not be charged until after our junk removal crew has finished the job and it is determined what size truck load the items came out to.

Indoor Removal

Our Junk Removal Crew will be wearing masks when removing your items from wherever they are located. We kindly ask that during your appointment you wear a mask/face covering too.

How Our Junk Removal Service Works

Junkshuttle is a convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to dispose your unwanted junk. Two junk haulers arrive at a customer's residence or business and remove your unwanted junk and dispose it in an environmentally friendly manner. You just point out the items you want removed and we will take care of the rest. We will separate the items for proper disposal, be it recyclable items, reusable items or items designated for the landfill.

Choose A Disposal Option

Do you need a dumpster or our junk removal service? Either way we have you covered. Our junk removal service is perfect for the following projects:

In certain instances a dumpster may be preferable to our junk removal service, typically with a projects that last multiple days such as a roof tear-off. We provide these as well. You can rent one here.

Price And Size Your Junk Removal

Please take a look at the example load sizes on our Pricing page in order to better gauge your load size and anticipated cost. If you would like a more accurate quote please feel free to upload photos of the junk you wish to dispose. We will take a look and respond to you with our best estimate. Keep in mind these estimates are for our typical bulk junk items. Dispol of heavy dense material such as tile, gravel and concrete is charged at a different rate due to the extra labor required and added weight. Please email us to send pictures for this type of job to get a quote.

Book Your Junk Removal

We usually book in two hour arrival time windows. Should you wish to have your junk removed when you're not home, please discuss this with our customer service representative.

Please contact us directly at 262-544-JUNK to schedule a junk pickup.

Keep in mind that we will provide you with a price before performing any work. Should the price not be acceptable for any reason, no problem, really! We have other sites we routinely service nearby, and will just fill up the time at one of these sites. We want this to be stress fee for you without any pressure or obligation.

More About Junkshuttle’s Junk Removal Service

Junkshuttle originated in Waukesha County and has been servicing customers in Milwaukee and the rest of south east Wisconsin since 1999. Junkshuttle has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since the year 2000. We believe our potential customer is looking for 4 things when hiring a business such as ours:

Price:Simply put we offer the same service or better service with larger load sizes at better prices. Please check our price comparison here.

Performance:We have a proven track record going back to 1999. Junkshuttle has had an A+ BBB rating since the year 2000. Our testimonials are a good source to get a sense of our past performance and professionalism. These reviews are unedited and taken straight from independently controlled crowd sourced performance reviewing websites such as Yelp, Google and Home Adviser. Please follow the links on our testimonial page to review these sites. We can handle nearly any junk removal project from business warehouse cleanouts to single item retrieval. We have references to share with you.

Reliability/Integrity:We don’t invite unsavory characters into our home and we will not be sending any to your home. We are not the unlicensed, uninsured, often smelly, cash only, non tax paying, non-courteous fly by night outfit that you will find on Craig’s List. We are an insured, uniformed, professional organization.

Responsible Disposal:We are an environmentally responsible organization, recycling or donating 60% of a typical junk load. We sort your junk appropriately and divert it from Wisconsin’s landfills.

Junk Removal And Recycling Services


Do I have to have my junk items packed and ready for removal?

No, but we encourage having small items packed as much as possible and somewhat organized prior to our arrival. That way, we can get the job done as efficiently as possible. However, we can do all the above while on site as well; it just may take us longer than a normal job, which may mean labor charges. Please see above for our labor policy. A customer-service representative would be happy to go over this policy with you when you make your appointment as well.

Do you remove Items from the basement/attic?

Yes, we'll take items from wherever they are located.

Are you insured?

Yes, feel free to request information regarding our insurance provider.

What items are restricted during the junk removal?

We cannot take anything liquid or hazardous, as determined by the state. These items require special handling and / or disposal. Briefly, we cannot take paints, chemicals, oils, asbestos, bug-infested items, carrion, or any other hazardous substance.

How do I know what size load to expect?

Without seeing the items you wish us to remove for you, it is hard to provide a guaranteed estimate based on the load size. To get a rough estimate click here.

Can I cancel my junk removal after your team has arrived, if I am not satisfied with the on-site estimate?

Yes, you can cancel for whatever reason before we start actually working.


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